T-Craft's pilot build during 2004 was a Nic De Vaal design Foil Cat 750 which was the innovative Teknicraft asymmetrical, Hydro foil supported hull design.

foilcat-750 aluminium boat
Foilcat aluminium boat
foilcat aluminium boat


During 2005 research focused on the African marine market was concluded to determine our potential end user's exact needs.

We established that most boating outlets predominantly supplied Glass Fibre vessels and that many of these had been damaged by rapids, fluctuating water levels, hippos, hidden underwater snags and obstacles etc.

The poor road conditions, availability and access to other means of transport, often left residents with waterborne travel as the only alternative.

A robust and stable boat was needed to operate efficiently on meagre horsepower and still provide high payload capacity, reduced fuel and maintenance costs as well as having extended range capabilities.

The initial vessels designed were the T-Craft mono-hull series which were launched as boats manufactured with virtually double the plate thickness of the existing boats available.


The Kingfisher 430 Tinny and Kingfisher 430 Surf master were introduced.

These fast vessels, with their semi deep V hull configuration and longitudinal chines are ideal for use on shallow, choppy windswept waters.

As demand grew, we have added additional designs and these boats are now available from 4.3 metres up to 9.5 metres.

Kingfisher 600 - 8 aluminium vessel
Kingfisher 430 Aluminium boat
3 kingfishers on a custom made trailer


Whilst the Kingfisher range was being developed it became apparent that a requirement existed for vessels of similar lengths, which offered more deck space and payload capability, which brought about the evolution of the Ally-Gator range.

These shallow V boats are ideal for use on sheltered inland waters and are available in lengths from 3.5 metres up to 9.5 metres.

ally-gator Aluminium boat
ally-gator aluminium vessel
Ally-gator 900 aluminium boat



During 2006 we set out to achieve improvements to optimize the performance of our V hull configurations.

This resulted in the development of our Reverse Chine Design and the birth of our Vertical Tunnel, optimization and lift technology, (VTOL), which offers exceptional manoeuvrability, reducing the wetted areas of the hull when planing.

These vessels with their improved efficiency are acknowledged as the premier shallow draft workhorses across Africa.

To enhance stability and lift characteristics our Reverse Chine "Gull-wings were incorporated into our designs". These generally offer 25% more deck space and 30% more payload capacity with marginal increases in horsepower, requirements and fuel usage.

high performance Reverse Chine design maxi hull vessel
ally-gator equiped with reverse chine or maxi hull design
planing ally-gator using maxi hull design aluminium vessel


As the Ally-Gator was being introduced into the Continent, feedback from the market was that even more deck space was required.

During 2006, the modular Hippo 600 Symmetrical catamaran was launched into the market.

modular catamaran, our line of Aluminium spontoon vessels
passenger transport modular vessel
Custom modular hospitality ferry


HIPPO 900 & 1200 MODULES

As the HIPPO 600 SD gained popularity, the requirement for additional deck space grew and the HIPPO 900 and 1200 sponson hulls were conceptualised and constructed.

Modcat catamaran design used a game viewing platform
aluminium double deck modcat
Modular 1200 sponson design vessel



During the course of 2011, after 3 years of R&D, T-Craft and its design team produced the first two of our Legacy Cat vessels being 14.5 meter outboard powered catamarans.

Legacy cat 14.5 metre outboard dive support vessel
Legacy cat 14.5 metre outboard dive support vessel
Legacy cat 14.5 metre outboard dive support vessel



During 2012 T-Craft launched the first of its 16,5 meter Dive Support platforms.

jack Sparrow 16.5 metre dive support vessel
jack Sparrow 16.5 metre dive support vessel
jack Sparrow 16.5 metre dive support vessel



During 2013 T-Craft launched its Reverse Chine cathedral hull design as a 7.5 meter KFX wet deck boat capable of operating on both inland waters and off-shore applications.

KFX range of aluminium boats, feature a wet deck design and is perfect for offshore and surf condit
kfx 750 crew transfer vessel
kfx 750 crew transfer vessel



During 2014, T-Craft is restructured and starts offering three distinct mono-hull product offerings as their designs become standardized and certified.

The initial Mod-barge platforms are designed and constructed in conjunction with the new Modcat sponson development program.

Monohull Mod-Barge
Monohull Mod-Barge
Monohull Mod-Barge being tested



After 10 years of R&D T-Craft's Hippo Catamaran vessels are renamed and launched as Modcats with standard Asymmetrical 6 – 9 and 12 meter sponson modules.

Double Deck Catamaran Passenger transport and Tourism Vessel
Asymmetrical sponson design Single deck Passenger Transport Ferry
Double Deck Catamaran Passenger transport and Tourism Vessel

T-Craft, has designed, manufactured and delivered over 500 vessels ranging in size since commencing operations in 2004 and is building its reputation as a relative newcomer providing innovative solutions to age old problems in the marine industry.



2016 saw the launching of a new 16.5m Research vessel based on our Legacy cat hull design which was commissioned by a prestigeous Marine Research Institute and the establishment of the Legacy Marine Group structure designed to develop the Maritime industry in Africa through a centralized Campus manufacturing facility.

We also piloted and launched our first Pacific Workboat LC Contracts and received the OFT Gold standard award for Quality and Technology development.

Our yard is also currently preparing to release two new Incat Crowther designed Dive Support Vessels to accomodate the growing demand for quality mid range offshore vessels during 2017.

9.8 metre aluminium landing Craft with ramp deployed
SAIAB Aluminium 16.5 metre Research vessel Utilizing jet propulsion
SAIAB Aluminium 16.5 metre Research vessel on a launching crane

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