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Safety in our boats is our Nº 1 concern – from the design stage through to the final touch, every legislative requirement, and then some, is incorporated into our craft.

Anchored on and intrinsically woven into the T-Craft philosophy, is the mindset that Safety can and will not be compromised - in fact, our buoyancy cells, a critical component of our boats, exceeds normal requirements.

Due to the availability of Rescue facilities and infrastructure to inland water traffic in Africa, our boats are designed and constructed in light weight Marine Grade Aluminium to be virtually unsinkable.

This assurance comes from our choice of hull thickness and inclusion of our buoyancy cells which are incorporated in the boats available water tight compartments.

This assures passengers, marine authorities and operators that they are acquiring a safe platform that will sustain them in the event of the vessel's hull or sponson being catastrophically compromised in any way until they can be rescued.

As a T-Craft user you can be assured that the following aspects are factored into your investment:

T-Craft Certification and Class Ratings

  • Our vessels are also constructed to various standards and Class certification dependant on their intended application.  
  • Our vessels minimum construction standard is deemed the equivalent to current SAMSA standards. 
  • If required, our Yard also builds to International class society requirements with the associated costs being included in the final Client cost estimate when requested.
  • Despite the lack of any regulations in some areas, we despite the costs, always advise prospective clients to not exclude our standard buoyancy and structural options.
  • In some cases, however, clients do elect to remove these and opt for a less costly solution. 
  • Further information on Marine regulations can be found at: www.samsa.org.za

T-Craft African Buoyancy Ratings

Each design includes our standard design buoyancy factors and before being officially released endures exhaustive stability tests and practical field test simulations.

Our vessel designs are vetted, and have passed the stringent requirements of the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) relative to Buoyancy regulations for commercial and passenger transport vessels.

T-Craft Safety 1
T-Craft Safety 1
T-Craft Safety 3
T-Craft Safety 4

Our minimum Buoyancy factors start at 115% of the boats Light Ship weight and are further tailored to clients’ needs and operational requirements prior to order.

Structural Safety Standards

Our vessel designs focus on structural strength and safety as our primary concern. This is evident when comparing T-Craft boats to those as standard in the industry.

We have been accused of over-engineering our vessels....They in turn, have survived Hippo Attacks, Rock Impacts, High Speed collisions and many other incidents and survived proudly.

With safety there are no shortcuts, and as such the critical welds on our boats are regularly tested and X-rayed to maintain the highest in safety and weld standards.

Additional NDT Stress tests and FEA procedures are performed on critical components providing boats to our clients that are not compromised in the harshest of conditions.

Hull Design – vetted to ensure stability, superior handling and ruggedness.

Fine attention is paid to the placement and size of buoyancy cells, ergonomics and the softening of any sharp angles or points that could potentially injure or snag.

Build Quality - from the CNC Cold Cutting techniques, ensuring there are no heat affected zones prior to welding, to the accurate fitting of components making certain that the plates are stress free, to the fine, fully penetrative welding that creates the final seamless structure, each step is rigorously inspected to ensure quality and consistency

T-Craft Safety 5
T-Craft Safety 6
T-Craft Safety 7
T-Craft Safety 8


Our Red Seal Commitment to Quality and Service Stands as a Testament to our Commitment to Safety and Quality.

Please contact us to start a lifelong T-Craft partnership or view our vessels hosted on our site should you be interested in becoming a T-Craft owner.