sealT-Craft manufactures boats designed and constructed for purpose.

All of which carries the LMG quality seal and adhere to our Safety Standards.

Our boats are standard AG, KF, KFX,Jonboat or MODCAT platforms that have been designed and certified to accommodate specific layouts and have been fitted to various clients use requirements and are now available through our distribution network.

The fact that these boats are now regarded as "standard" has allowed for substantial cost savings in design fees and other costs related to acquiring a purpose built boat that is fit for your application.

Please view our main selection of boats fitted to your required application.

T-Craft - LEGAVAAN - Swamp Workboat



The LEGAVAAN hull was developed in response to a request for a simple and durable boat to replace the traditional wooden African dugout canoe. The key objective to build a light boat that could offer an exceptional service life cycle, while being easy to repair and maintain. The LEGAVAAN is based on simple, robust, stackable and cost effective designs which can be altered to suit the boat's intended application and operating conditions.

The proven benefits of this boat is that its long slender hull makes it ideal for navigating the narrow waterways found in the jungles and overgrown marshlands of the African Continent.

The hull can be manufactured up to 8.5 meters while our standard options are 5.8 and 7.5 meters.

T-Craft Kingfisher 720 - Cuddy Cabin- Malaria Program - Congo

cudday cabin 005 resize


T-Craft was approached by the DRC Government requesting a vessel which could support their Malaria Inoculation Program. Our team developed the a KF Cuddy vessel which offered a Turnkey Design, Manufacture and Supply Solution for 6 outboard-powered Malaria Inoculation vessels.

The Design was selected from our standard KF Range and was configured to purpose as a 7.2 meter boat laid out for crew and patients. Powered by 100Hp four stroke engines the vessel provided excellent fuel efficiency and range.

KF Cuddy boats are available from 6.4 meters - 9 meters in standard or Maxi configurations.

T-Craft JONBOAT - Flood Relief Project - Lesotho



The JONBOAT was developed after a request from the Government of Lesotho to provide 15 stackable, oar-propelled, Flood Relief boats. T-Craft provided a Turnkey Design, Manufacture and Supply Soulution.

The JONBOAT vessels supplied offers a robust and cost effective hull incorporating exceptional safety features, integrated buoyancy reserves and stackability.

T-Craft Kingfisher 430 - World Health Flood Relief - Congo

kf430 flood relief


We adapted our Standard KF430 layout to provide a Turnkey Design, Manufacture and supply project requiring 30 Flood Relief boats for a project based in the Congo.

T-Craft Kingfisher 640 - Flood Relief - Namibia

kingfisher640 002 rersize


Turnkey Design, Manufacture and supply 6 Flood Relief boats for a project based in Namibia within four weeks.