T-Craft manufactures boats designed and constructed for purpose.

All of which carries the LMG quality seal and adhere to our Safety standards.

Our boats are standard AG, KF, KFX or Modcat platforms that have been designed and certified to accommodate specific layouts and have been fitted to various clients use requirements and are now available through our distribution network.

The fact that these boats are now regarded as standard means savings in design fees and other related costs in acquiring a purpose built fit for your application.

Please view our main selection of boats fitted to your required application.

T-Craft Ally-Gator 480 LE Leisure 

leisure 490 le


As much as we share our slogan "Tools not Toys" proudly, that is not to say that we don’t offer leisure and fishing vessels at all.

In 2015, Dave Hoets of Honda Marine in Knysna asked us to build a vessel with the brief being that it needed a funky interior design, great ride characteristics, ample stowage space, go-anywhere, do-anything durability and a very stable platform.

Taking our Ally-Gator 430 standard hull with LOA of 4.3 metres and beam of 1.7 metres, our design team set about giving us a modern design wrapped up in a safe durable construction with 3mm hull and box type strengtheners along the gunnels. We then took the vessel a step further designing a 4.8m version with  2.0m beam.

Designed to be maintenance free, this vessel will give you a “more cruising and less cursing boat” ideally suited as a fishing craft or a great family boat. 

Vessel length: 4.8 m
Beam: 2.0 m
Deck covering: Sea Deck
Seating: 1 x Vetus Helm seat, 1 x Scooter seat, 2 x Jump seats
Weather protection: Colour coded canvas fold down canopy
Propulsion: 1 x 60 hp Honda 4 stroke motor

T-Craft KFX 7.5m - Weekender

 leisure kfx 710


Some of our clients spend as much time on the rivers and lakes as they do on the ocean.

From fishing and diving to skiing and wake-boarding, the KFX is built to handle both inland and ocean waters for heaps of fun and family enjoyment.

Most would say she may be a bit big as a leisure vessel... until they spend a day playing with her. Then we hear a different story, each and every time. 

Vessel length: 7.5 m
Beam: 2.5 m
Deck covering: Standard non-slip aluminium treadplate
Seating: 1 x Helm seat, Triple Scooter seat, 2 x Jump seats
Propulsion: 2 x 50 hp Yamaha 4 stroke motor with Hydrive

T-Craft Ally-Gator 900 Maxi Leisure Cruiser

 AG 900 maxi leisure


 The Standard Ally-Gator 900 Maxi Design is available for use as a Party Barge, river cruiser or overnight fishing platform.

The boats ample Beam provides huge stable deck-space for virtually any layout the client may require.

Vessel length: 9.0 m
Beam: 2.5 m
Deck covering: Carpeting
Seating: 1 x Helm seat, 12 x Double seats, 2 x Jump seats
Weather protection: Hard Top Aluminium Roof
Propulsion: 2 x 80 hp Yamaha FETL 4 stroke motors & Hydrive