T-Craft manufactures boats designed and constructed for purpose.

Our boats carry the LMG Quality Seal and adhere to our Safety Standards.

Our boats are standard AG, KF or KFX platforms that have been designed and certified to accommodate specific layouts. Our boats have been fitted to various clients use requirements and are now also available through our distribution network.

The fact that these boats are now regarded as "standard" has allowed for substantial cost savings in design fees and other costs related to acquiring a purpose built boat that is fit for your application.

Please view our main selection of boats fitted to your required application.

Kingfisher 430 Inland Water Patrol

patrol boats namibia


We received an enquiry from one of our dealers in Namibia, with some unique acquisition criteria on behalf of their Police Services.

They required 5 x Patrol boats, but they had to be under 5m LOA and less than 2m in beam as they needed the vessels to be as light as possible and fundamentally easy to transport around the rough terrain.

Even with the size restrictions, they still required a helm console with hydraulic steering and trim and tilt functions as much time would be spent in marshy areas.

Our solution was not far away - The Kingfisher 430 coming in at just under 200 kg's was selected and laid out accordingly with a single 50 hp motor being adequate for purpose.

Easy fix - light, durable and economical...

Vessel length: 4.3 m
Beam: 1.7 m
Deck covering: Standard non-slip aluminium treadplate
Seating: 1 x Bench Softs on Bow, 2 x Jump seats and 1 x Helm seat
Weather protection: 1 x Enduro Canvas Fold Down Canopy
Propulsion: 1 x 50 hp 4 stroke motor

Kingfisher 750 Inland Water Patrol / Conservation 

2017 kf 740 patrol vessel


The Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo is Africa’s oldest proclaimed park and whilst it happens to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, it is one of the most tragic with poaching, illegal fishing and charcoal harvesting affecting the ecology.

In order to combat the illegal activities, the Virunga National Park requested high-speed patrol boats which could accommodate up to 10 rangers/ security personnel and capable of being deployed at very short notice.

The vessel needed to be virtually maintenance free and easily repairable as they could not afford too much downtime.

Our existing Kingfisher 740 with its 4 mm bottom was the perfect choice as it can operate in the harshest conditions and it requires no maintenance whatsoever.

The light weight of the vessel resulted in lower capital outlay on propulsion and considerable ongoing savings on fuel consumption.

We are proud to say that the vessel supplied was perfectly suited to their requirements and we have another satisfied customer.

Vessel length: 7.5 m
Beam: 2.5 m
Deck covering: Standard non-slip aluminium treadplate
Seating: 2 x Single Seats with Softs, 1 x Double Stowage seat and 1 x Helm seat
Weather protection: 1 x Maxi Canvas Fold Down Canopy
Propulsion: 2 x 60 hp Yamaha 4 stroke motors with Hydrive

Kingfisher 750 Cuddy Cabin Inland Water Patrol / Conservation

KF 750 cabin patrol vessels


The closed cabin version of the 750 Kingfisher also designed for community projects allows for protection from the elements during patrols as well as resting quarters for the guards or wardens.

This can be particularly helpful when ballistics and special protection materials are required.

The 750 Maxi Cabin is trailorable and can therefore be moved from one area to another dependant upon operational requirements. Additional fuel storage can be incorporated for longer patrol ranges.

Vessel length: 7.5 m
Beam: 2.5 m
Deck covering: Standard non-slip aluminium treadplate
Seating: 4 x Single Seats with Softs, 2 x Jump seats and 1 x Helm seat
Weather protection: 1 x Cabin & 1 x Std Canvas Fold Down Canopy
Propulsion: 1 x 100 hp Yamaha with Push Pull Steering