T-Craft manufactures boats designed and constructed for purpose.

Our boats carry the LMG Quality Seal and adhere to our Safety Standards.

Our boats are standard AG, KF or KFX platforms that have been designed and certified to accommodate specific layouts. Our boats have been fitted to various clients use requirements and are now also available through our distribution network.

The fact that these boats are now regarded as "standard" has allowed for substantial cost savings in design fees and other costs related to acquiring a purpose built boat that is fit for your application.

Please view our main selection of boats fitted to your required application.

T-Craft Ally-Gator 480 Enduro - Mine-logger

survey 480 ag


Our range of workboats offer an array of vessels which can be used in the Research and or Survey industry within almost any environment. As can be seen in the picture above, they are constructed to go anywhere and handle the roughest of terrain.

When MS Minelog approached us, they made it very clear that they needed vessels that were 'indestructible" and that could be moved from one location to the next with minimal effort. They wanted a small vessel that could be handled by three or four people and once we received these pics from them we understood why.

Our Ally-Gator 480 Enduro proved to be the ideal vessel and by hanging a small Yamaha motor on the back - they were up and running.

Vessel length: 4.8 m
Beam: 2.0 m
Deck covering: Standard non-slip aluminium treadplate
Seating: 2 Thwart seats 
Weather protection: Not Required
Propulsion: 1 x 30 hp Yamaha motor

T-Craft Ally-Gator 430 - Electrofishing Survey

surveys electro fishing vessel


We were recently approached by the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB) and asked to build them a small, light and easy to handle vessel for conducting research by means of electro-fishing.

The hull we selected was the Kingfisher 430 and after spending an hour or two in the design office, we came up with a layout which could accommodate the requirement.

The vessel was required to house the electrofishing equipment and a caged bow section that prevented the surveyors from falling overboard while conducting the sampling on the fish which need to be released into the water within the shortest time enabling them to return to their natural unharmed state.

Vessel length: 4.3 m
Beam: 1.7 m
Deck covering: Standard non-slip aluminium treadplate
Seating: No seats required
Weather protection: No overhead covering required
Propulsion: 1 x 15 hp Mercury Long Shaft motor

Legacy Cat Research Vessels

research proper


Then as we all know - there are research vessels and there are RESEARCH VESSELS...

Building this 16m research vessel which now operates from Durban, was one of our favourite projects ever. Working daily with the client and our Legacy Marine Yard we ensured that we could fulfill their every requirement.

A truly magnificent vessel who has shown us what she is capable of time and time again.

Vessel length: 15.40 m
Beam: 4.7 m
Deck covering: Painted not slip surface
Seating / Bunks Seating for for 12 pax and 3 sleeping bunks
Weather protection: 1 x Cabin and 1 x Wheelhouse
Propulsion: 2 x 450 hp Iveco Diesel Engines and 2 x 292 Hamilton Jets with Blue Arrow Controls and Steering