sealT-Craft manufactures boats designed and constructed for purpose.

Our boats carry the LMG Quality Seal and adhere to our Safety Standards.

Our boats are standard AG, KF or KFX platforms that have been designed and certified to accommodate specific layouts. Our boats have been fitted to various clients use requirements and are now also available through our distribution network.

The fact that these boats are now regarded as "standard" has allowed for substantial cost savings in design fees and other costs related to acquiring a purpose built boat that is fit for your application.

Please view our main selection of boats fitted to your required application.

T-Craft Kingfisher 750 Maxi Game-viewer

kingfisher 750 maxi game viewer


At Game Parks and Lodges throughout the African continent, you will find our vessels on rivers and lakes carrying passengers to the wildlife "hotspot" of the moment. In constant radio contact, the skippers are always on constant alert for the next big surprise for tourists and locals who are out to see the "Big Five".

Our vessels can be fitted with canopies, wet bars or cooler boxes for the comfort and that ultimate experience that visitors look forward to while on vacation.

The Kingfisher 750 Maxi is a very popular model within Tourism Industry.

Vessel length: 7.5 m
Beam: 2.5 m
Deck covering: Carpeting
Seating: 6 x Double Seats with Softs, 1 x Scooter seat and 1 x Helm seat
Weather protection: 1 x Maxi Canvas Canopy with a Canopy Extension
Propulsion: 1 x 115 hp Yamaha 4 stroke motor

T-Craft Kingfisher 750 Maxi Hard Top Game-Viewer

KF 750 HT Zambezi Queen


To take the experience one step further - the Kingfisher 750 Maxi has been designed with a hard top for a greater viewing experience.

Above is the Zambezi Queen vessel with delighted travellers viewing a herd of elephant having their midday drink at the watering hole.

The platform is also ideal for keen photographers.

Vessel length: 7.5 m
Beam: 2.5 m
Deck covering: Carpeting
Seating: 9 x Double Seats with Softs and 1 x Helm seat
Additional: 1 x Toilet Unit, 1 x Cooler Box Unit
Propulsion: 1 x 115 hp Yamaha 4 stroke motor

T-Craft Ally-Gator 900 Maxi Game-viewer

paraa safari lodge resize


On the Nile River at Murchison Falls you will find proud owners of two Ally-Gator 900 Maxi Vessels.

"Up close & personal" to the amazing local wildlife is what the vessels and the tour guides offer the tourist contingent.

Tourism is the life blood of Lodge and Safari Operators in Africa and the necessity to enhance the tourists experience is of paramount importance. With the above in mind, these Operators require vessels which can follow the wildlife, operate in shallow waters and are able to beach along river banks at will.

Our light weight Ally-Gator 900 Maxi is the ideal craft for this application and is proven to be a match winner with Lodge Owners across the continent.

The vessel is designed to accommodate up to 24 passengers, but deck layouts can vary according to client’s specifications. On board ablutions, refrigeration, sturdy viewing platform and additional stowage spaces are modifications which can be offered.

With trips generally of a long duration, passenger comfort is assured with our customised above deck layouts.

Vessel length: 7.5 m
Beam: 2.5 m
Deck covering: Carpeting
Seating: 11 x Double Seats with Softs, 1 x Double Stowage seat and 1 x Helm seat
Weather protection: Aluminium Hard Top (carpeted)
Propulsion: 1 x 115 hp Mercury 4 stroke motor

T-Craft MODCAT Game Guru

(Image created for reference purposes only)

modcat tourister 15m


When it comes to larger groups of passengers, the MODCAT Vessels are the best solution for Tourism and Game Viewing.

The MODCAT range is built by Legacy Marine. This vessel is specifically designed and equiped to host large groups of passengers (20 or more persons).

From bars and toilets, to generators and WI-FI, cold storage and music & lighting - MODCAT is the way to go.

Once built, these vessels are packed in containers in knock-down-form and delivered as modular units. When it comes to overall bespoke solutions, our vessels will continue to contribute to the growing success of your business.

Vessel length: 18 m
Beam: 6.5 m
Deck covering: Carpeting
Seating: 40 x Triple Bench Seats with Softs and 1 x Helm seat
Weather protection: Above deck with Hard Top Roof and Roll Down Canvas Dropsides
Propulsion: 2 x 150 hp Mercury 4 stroke motor

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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