Building High Quality marine Grade Aluminium boats since 2004


Foil Cat 750


T-Craft's pilot build during 2004 was a Nic De Waal design Foil Cat 750 which was the innovative Teknicraft asymmetrical, hydro foil supported hull design. 


Kingfisher and Ally-Gator


The Kingfisher 430 Tinny and Kingfisher 430 Surf master was introduced. These fast vessels, with their semi-deep V hull configuration and longitudinal chines are ideal for use in shallow, calm waters.


Maxi hulls


In 2006 T-Craft designed and introduced the popular “Maxi-Hulls”. The standard 2m hulls were extended by an additional 500mm to allow for extra deck space and passenger comfort. These hulls prove particularly popular in the Tourism industry with lodges. T-Craft assign the design to both the Ally-Gator 9.0m and the Kingfisher 7.5m vessels.


Ally-Gator 480 LE is launched


During 2007, the market started asking for a Limited Edition type river boat with “bells and whistles”, and T-Craft launched the AG 480 LE loaded with storage space, filled with colour, a Vetus helm seat and Sea-deck throughout the deck. Soon after, the 4.3m edition of the vessel was to follow.




The KFX Range sees the introduction of the SML KFX 750. This workhorse was designed and crafted in collaboration with Captain Nicholas Sloane as a vessel that would handle the most trying of workboat applications.


8.5m Jon Boat


The 8.5m Jon Boats were designed and built to ferry school children across the inland waterways in KwaZulu-Natal after the Department of Education realised that low attendance rates of scholars were attached to the inherent dangers of children trying to cross the rivers after downpours of rain.


Landing Craft 9.6


In 2016 T-Craft was commissioned to build the first Landing Craft 9.6m vessel for a 5 Star resort in the Maldives to be used for tourist transportation as well as supplies for the resort.