Built to withstand the African Conditions


T-Craft since 2004, is a member of Legacy Marine, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and is the appointed Sales, Marketing and Distribution body for our Marine group. Our boats are engineered and constructed from fully crafted Marine Grade Aluminium and are designed and built to handle the rigours of life on the waterways of Africa safely. T-Craft Boats consist of the AG, KF and KFX Ranges which can include our proprietary Maxi hull designs, offering 25 - 30% more internal deck space than conventional hull designs. T-Craft boats are supplied and supported directly from our factory based in South Africa and through our accredited distribution and service network.

  • Accuracy of Construction - Each plate is individually cut on a CNC CAD-CAM Router, working at  tolerances of 0.01mm.
  • Weight Coefficient - Aluminium has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than most affordable boat building materials. Aluminium boats typically weigh 30 to 40% less than their fiberglass counterparts and 45 to 55% less than steel vessels.
  • Durability - Aluminium has great toughness. It will survive significant impacts that neither fiberglass nor inflatables can withstand. In such cases, fiberglass or inflatables will rupture, while aluminium will merely dent and ‘the show will go on’.
  • Reparability - Aluminium boats are much easier to repair than fiberglass boats, particularly fiberglass boats with foam liners. With aluminium, dents can often be pounded out with a hammer, but if necessary, sections of a plate can be machined out and simply replaced.
  • Flammability - Aluminium does not burn. Fiberglass boats contain petroleum-based resins which burn energetically. 
  • Value – Market intelligence shows that Aluminium boats maintain their value just as well, if not longer, as their fiberglass counterparts, and have better value retention than steel.
  • Corrosion Resistance – With the use of sacrificial anodes, Aluminium requires less maintenance than a fiberglass or steel vessel with osmosis and oxidation being a reduced risk resulting in a longer and more productive lifespan.
  • Modular Production - Aluminium allows for the frames and cladding of a vessel to be cut and shipped to any destination for final assembly. This would be critical where logistics do not allow for a complete vessel to be transported to its final destination.

At Legacy Marine, the majority of our vessels regardless of size, are built for commercial applications, where the owner uses the vessel daily in the generation of income. For this reason, our hulls are built using fully welded 3mm to 6mm Marine Grade Aluminium. Welding is a sturdier construction method than riveting which is reserved for thin aluminium plate, as found in lightweight aluminium boats or aircraft construction where continuous seam welding can lead to porosity, cracking and burn-through in thin plate.


All our vessel welds are tested using Non-Destructive Testing such as Dye Penetration or X-Ray techniques.


The edges of the aluminium plate and parts to be welded, are correctly prepared to remove any dirt or oxidation thus ensuring a good quality weld.


All welding is done using our dedicated pulsed TIG and MIG aluminium welding machines. 


T-Craft has built over 800 vessels for clients in the African market and have perfected our designs based on feedback from the owners and their operational environment.

Our vessels are manufactured to the highest quality standards and each vessel is marked with a builder plate identifying the Model No, Date of Build and the Names of the Builders of that vessel.

As the largest volume of our vessels are exported into Africa, the vessels are designed to optimise the shipping / freight solution and minimise delivery costs.

To reduce lead times, we carry a range of finished hulls in stock which are then fitted out with one of the standard layouts as chosen by the client.

We also build bespoke features into our hulls to the clients request or complete vessels to the owner’s design as required.

OUR South african Manufacturing Facility

Our T-Craft Range is manufactured at our 2500m² Legacy Marine production facility in Port Elizabeth South Africa, which is in close proximity to our two local trade ports from where our vessels are shipped.


Our facility is fitted with the latest aluminium boat building equipment and machinery, with the entire site being dedicated to aluminium works so as to avoid any contamination from iron-based metals. Our galvanised steel trailers are built at a separate facility.

Our AFrican Distribution and Service network

At T-Craft we firmly believe that a large part of our success is derived  from partnering with people that share our passion for quality aluminium boats. 


We strive to provide our Clients with the highest quality product, which is backed up by the highest level of service and expertise. For more info, please visit our group site, Legacy Marine, or click on the button below.