Our boats are designed with precision and care, constructed with priority attention to safety

SAFETY IS OUR priority

Safety in our boats is our main priority – from the design stage through to the final touch, every legislative requirement is incorporated into our craft. This assurance comes from our choice of minimum hull thickness and inclusion of buoyancy cells which are incorporated in our boats' available watertight compartments, forming an integral and critical part of the hull design, generally exceeding normal buoyancy requirements. 


 This assures crew, passengers, marine authorities and operators that they are on a safe platform that will sustain them, in the unlikely event of the vessel's hull or sponson being catastrophically compromised in any way, until they can be rescued.

certification and class ratings

Our vessels are constructed to various legislative standards and class certification depending on the intended application and purpose. Our vessels minimum construction standard on our base models is deemed the equivalent to that prescribed by SAMSA. Our Yard has the capacity, skill and knowledge to build to International class society requirements with the associated costs being included in the final client cost estimate when requested. Despite the lack of any regulations on structure and buoyancy in some areas, T-Craft vessels are generally supplied with required buoyancy as standard. Further information on marine regulations can be found at:

buoyancy ratings

Each model's design includes our standard safety requirements and buoyancy factors; and has endured exhaustive stability tests and practical field test simulations. Our vessel designs are vetted, and have passed the stringent requirements of the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) relative to buoyancy regulations for commercial and passenger transport vessels, including water trials. And we offer the additional assistance of safety equipment supply and LGSC application. 


structural safety standards

Our vessel designs focus on structural strength and safety as our primary concern. This is evident when comparing T-Craft boats to those as standard in the industry. There is a perception that we over-engineer our vessels. The proof is in the fact that they have survived Hippo Attacks, Rock Impacts, High Speed collisions and many other incidents, and survived proudly. When it comes to safety, there are no shortcuts, and as such the critical welds on our boats are regularly X-Ray tested and dye-tested to maintain the highest in safety and weld standards. Additional NDT (non-destruct test) Stress tests and FEA (finite element analysis) procedures are performed on critical components to ensure that we provide boats which are not compromised in the harshest of conditions.


Hull Design

  • Vetted to ensure sound structure, stability and superior handling.
  • Fine attention is paid to the placement and size of buoyancy cells, ergonomics and the softening of any sharp angles or points that could potentially injure or snag.

Build Quality

  • From the CNC Cold Cutting techniques - ensuring there are no heat affected zones prior to welding - to the accurate fitting of components - making certain that the plates are stress free - to the fine, fully penetrative welding that creates the final structure, each step is rigorously inspected to ensure quality and consistency.